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Incredible conditions in Solden yesterday, the most difficult I have ever experienced in my career...
Why? Two weeks ago, there was no snow on the glacier of Solden, and it was the same in Tignes due to the Indian summer  we had in September. One week ago, there s been a massive snow fall, as well in Solden or Tignes. We weren't able to ski before heading to Solden because of the weather and we didn't train in Solden either because the snow was too soft, but I remained confident because it was reported that the organisation would inject water in the snow to get a hard base. Yesterday, I was delighted after the free ski on the slope before the inspection because it was icy and Ice fits my ski pretty well!
We knew it would make the GS longer, turny and harder for the legs.GREAT!
We knew it would be a battle and the feelings shouldn't be perfect! OK!
 I don't like to watch the TV before my start, what was my surprised  when I arrived at the top and my coach told me "it s not a battle, it's a war", my surprised doubled when I was in the GS. I thought it would be slippier and slippier thanks to the ice but it was breaking on every gate in the steep. It was sunshining when the race started and it was a white day when I went to the start which made the holes unpredictable for the skier. Aweful feelings...You know there is a hole somewhere in the turn but you just know your are in it when you get kicked... and you struggle to maintain the line on every gate wtithout resting. Aweful to ski... and to watch. I am sorry for those who were excited to watch the first WC on TV, it was not a good show. I can"t really talk about my performance, I didn't ski, I tried to survive better than the girls around my bib in the steep and make a difference in the flat because it s a section I am good at. I crashed on this last part with an inside. I hurt my wrist and my hand a little, I will do some x rays on Monday to be sure nothing is broken. We have 2 days off, and I am spending them at Anémone's who enjoys the bruises Solden's slope did to her (i can't show you the pic because it's on her butt :)
In one week, we will be in Tignes again to train for Levi, let's hope we will get good conditions...
Anne so.